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The unique SWiM system will provide better information for customers – the fifth generation of water infrastructure management

More information for customers, more flexible response during crises, shorter repair times, better protection of water management assets, and more detailed overview of costs – these are the benefits of the new system for managing and operating water management infrastructure in Prague, known as SWiM (Smart Water integrated Management), which Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a. s. (PVK) deployed in February.

“SWiM represents the fifth generation of one of the most modern management systems in Europe. PVK employees and IT specialists developed the various system components for several years and the costs, including various types of equipment and upgrades, exceeded CZK 100 million. The final integration of the components cost roughly twelve million crowns,” says Petr Mrkos, Chief Executive Officer of PVK, and adds that the project was financed in co-operation with Pražská vodohospodářská společnost, the company that manages the water infrastructure.

Philippe Guitard, chairman of PVK’s Board of Directors and Veolia Environnement director for Central and Eastern Europe, adds: “The SEDIF association operates a similar system around Paris. Veolia developed the SERVO system there. But we went further in Prague and Prague’s SWiM is unique in that it combines ten different areas of water management. SWiM is the culmination of many years of innovations and the implementation of the latest technologies in water management. PVK’s employees laid the foundation for the system. Czech water management specialists are leading experts and deserve a great thank you.”

SWiM has interlinked the dispatcher management system, water quality control, water production and consumption monitoring, maintenance and repair planning, water management facility protection, cost optimisation, integrated crisis management system, and provision of information to customers, the general public and key persons and entities. “Thanks to integration, we have streamlined the management of the entire water management system and accelerated the resolving of operational situations, and we are able to detect water line defects faster now,” Petr Mrkos stresses.

“This is a modern tool that will provide the maximum of information to our partners – municipalities and their citizens. Our goal was to improve the provision of information to Prague citizens as much as possible. Today, they can browse PVK’s website to find not just where an accident occurred but also where water tanks are located, and in Google maps they can see precisely the area and specific streets without water supply. Also, we expect SWiM to further reduce the time of water supply outages due to accidents and improve water quality supervision and accelerate our response in the event of quality change. This concerns the transparency of our business. We want to be a good partner to the city and the citizens,” Philippe Guitard adds.

The other benefits of the new system will emerge gradually. Prague’s water management company expects it to shorten accident repair times, improve supervision over water quality, and improve planning and resource allocation for better performance and halted operating cost increases.

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